Battery Management System

Energy Management

We develop and produce world-leading battery management systems. Our global customers are leading automotive OEMs as well as fast-growing e-mobility newcomers.

Automotive Battery Management System


Our BMS is in compliance with global homologation requirements (Like EU, US, China, Japan, India etc.). Fully validated according to automotive standards with regards to electrical, mechanical and environmental testing.​


Compatible with different battery cell chemistries (e.g. NMC, NCA, LFP), variable number of modules in series and variable module cell count. Features parallel string layouts with built-in master slave logic. Supports all pack voltage levels from 40V up to 1250V and is designed for the use in automotive passenger cars, commercial vehicles, high powered sportscars as well as stationary applications.


Phyntelligence architecture allows quick adaption of hardware / battery pack / vehicle interface. ME SOx algorithms as solid foundation of high level functions Customer application layers allow for integration of custom algorithms.

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