Our motors are designed keeping in mind the unique needs of two and three wheeler requirements. We have variety of motor solutions primarily focused on BLDC motors with both Mid drive and Hub motors.

Our motors carry the brand promise of quality, performance and reliability at affordable cost. The build quality of the motor speaks for itself and it comes with standard 1 year replacement warranty and extended 2 years warranty.

Unique Features


Series Vehicle GVW Range Top Speed
P08 up to 600 Kg 25KmpH
P10 up to 800Kg 30KmpH
P10H customised customised
P12 up to 1000 Kg 30KmpH
P12H customised customised
P20 up to 1400 Kg 30KmpH
P20H customised customised
P50 customised 50KmpH

Hub Motors
Series Top Speed Rim Size Brake Type
H25 25KmpH 10" - 12" Drum
H60 30KmpH 10" - 12" Drum
H80 customised 10" - 12" Drum
H100 30KmpH 10" - 12" Drum/Disc
H200 customised customised Drum/Disc

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