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We have real work experience of developing the suppliers for global OEMs.

Learning Curve Effect

We help reduce the significant fixed cost on Engineering, Program Management and Process understanding through our experience and learning curve effect.

Fixed costs (ED&T, Engineering Capability, Process knowledge) can be reduced by half with Phyntelligence guidance and support.

Core Competency - Design and Development

Subsystem Components Process
Axles Mounting Brackets (Body, brake hose, brake lines, cables), Control arms, link arms, Twistbeams, Bushes, Spring seats Stamping, Welding, Casting, molding
Brakes Drum, Disc, small castings Casting, Machining
Engine Mounts Engine and transmission mounts Stamping, Molding, Elastomer
Dampers/Struts Gaitor, Dustcover, Spring Pad, Hose Brackets Injection molding, Rubber molding

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